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with a loaded handgun. the police chief and executives made the call to add metal detectors to help the fears of parents and students. they want to make sure everything is done by the book. >> it is not simply adding these metal detectors. it is having the appropriate policies. it is also making sure it is consistent and appropriate. likes the superintendent says safety remains a top priority. that is why he is trying to hire a new safety and security director, but it might not be enough to calm the fears of concern teachers. >> they are worried about doors being opened in high schools, and they know it is not an easy fix. they cannot close the doors or kids cannot get into classis, and there are issues. >> issues say police -- police say cannot be solved by metal detectors.
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good >> it is important to address threats. we are in close communication with our students and teachers. >> even after they get metal detectors, and schools will only be able to use them when they suspect a crime is about to happen. police will not say how many they are planning to buy or how much it will cost taxpayers. >> in september of last year, a colombian jail bondswoman was shot, and the man accused of being her killer was a client. dominic macdonald will head to trial on murder charges. investigators believe he planned to meet the 42-year-old to make a payment on bail money and then gunned her down. the trial is scheduled for november, and first-degree murder charges for the man accused of stabbing his wife to death in their home.
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stephen maintains his innocence but unless there is enough evidence for a conviction. but police say he killed his wife, stabbing her 92 times. prosecutors plan to seek a life sentence. >> investigators are looking into why a bus crashed this morning have come up with a preliminary cause. that accident sent seven people to three different hospitals this morning next to the mall. david is following developments. he joins us live with the latest. >> investigators say a preliminary review of evidence points to a possible error. a freak bus accident said seven people to the hospital with non- life threatening injuries. >> it was scary. >> no one got hurt. good >> the buzz drifted across
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the bus loop, striking a busy bus shelter. >> you are trying to get it by the 711. >> they directed passengers to another stop. metro's services remain unaffected. one witness says the bus operator was on surprise. >> what did her face look like? >> like something was wrong. >> were her eyes wide? >> her eyes were wide. she kept going straight onto the curvb. >> did you hear her say something? >> she did not say nothing. >> according to officials, the driver was not behind the wheel when the vehicles started to draft. she was inspecting the interior of the empty bus after relieving another driver. >> there are a lot of things,
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everything from a wheel being turned. we are investigating to determine if proper procedures were followed. >> investigators are determine the previous driver followed procedure. they are focusing on what the relief bus driver may have done to cause the vehicle to dress. authorities say this points to possible operator error. >> they were given an alcohol and drug test, questioned by police, and we try to get their version of what happened, and we will use videotapes and other information to make sure all the stories are consistent. >> they drove the bus away from the crash scene. workers also removed the bus shelter. good >> it could have been worse. more people could have been hurt. >> all seven people hurt have been treated and released from hospitals. if they determine the operator is at fault, she could be fired.
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>> after three cases of a deadly infection at a cosmetics and a local spot, -- cosmetic and medical stocks, many people are wondering how that could happen to them. one thing to keep in mind. >> people need to know what they are looking for when they pick their doctor. we talk to a leading surgeon, and he tells us people need to do their homework, and that means finding out if the surgeon is accredited. he is the associate director at mercy medical center, and he has simple advice for anyone thinking of getting any type of surgery. >> you should really look at where it is being done and who is doing it. >> of maryland health official says three people contracted a
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rare strep infection after receiving white bow section. one of the patients ended up dying. the facility was closed wednesday after a state health investigation. >> having three infections over a short time, there has to be some breakdown that allows that type of situation to occur. >> he says strep is common but to find it inside the body is rare, leading him to question sterilization and the instruments used. >> it has to get there, and that means some technique has broken down, and most likely that technique on the field operated and on the instruments. good >> the bottom line for anyone thinking about surgery, safety is the number one priority. >> safety is number one. >> looking into it and
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understanding it better is the key. >> also understanding as much as you can about a surgeon, including making sure he or she is accredited. wetzel by brown check is good for surgery -- >> of background check is important you're a good crack medical professionals tell us the best place to start doing homework if you are looking for a plastic surgeon is the american board of plastic surgery. you are provided a link to that on our website at >> in florida the presidential candidates reach out to older and hispanic voters, but the war for the white house has shifted. rahm the's assessment of obama supporters secretly reported -- rahm the's assessment of obama supporters secretly recorded. they are firing back using a recording of a rock obama
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talking about making government more ease and -- barack obama talking about making government more efficient. president obama will be attending the forum, courting the hispanic vote. lawmakers are responding to a scathing new watchdog report. good >> it was released yesterday, and the house panel met to review the findings on the scandal. nicole is in washington with the fallout. >> there has been a political football in congress, and even with this massive report, it is not necessarily game over. it has been the subject of congressional hearings for months. good >> operation fast and furious. i like to call it fast and furious. >> members gave praise to the inspector general report and faulted the department for its handling of the gun trafficking.
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>> our review revealed mismanaged strategies, tactics, and management failures. >> attorney general eric holder, who was held in contempt of the house, was cleared in the investigation. >> i find it fascinating people are trying to exonerate anybody of wrongdoing when there has been blissful ignorance, blissful avoidance of the truth your good >> she the euro top officials have stepped down, but they say -- the head official has stepped down. >> we expect all 14 would find a way to find appropriate occupations. >> some 2000 guns were allowed to walk between the u.s. and mexico, including two found at the scene of the shootout that claimed the life of the u.s. border official. the local congressman says his family deserves justice. >> it is outrageous.
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good they want to know what happened to ryan. no. the department of justice has 90 days to provide a timeline of reforms. the inspector general said his goal is to make sure things happen. >> of the 2000 weapons thought to have been acquired illegally, about 1400 have yet to be recovered. >> morgan state university officially opens its new home for engineering. >> next month you will have to abide by a new law regarding child booster seats. details on the changes being made. >> it will not cut into your sleep, but they make it worth your while what has become the stuff of legends, a little later in sports. >> we are getting a warm up [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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like a federal judge rules enacted and rigid rules and changes are unconstitutional. the law changed the way retirees receive annual increases in their benefits. the judge called upon the city and the police and fire unions to meet next month to discuss the next steps in this contentious battle. a new home for the schools of architecture and engineering. an official opening for the $69
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million engineering building. this morning there was an official ribbon cutting. it is called the center for the building in environment and infrastructure studies. the building is equipped with an earthquake simulator -- simulator. >> starting october 1, children under 8 will have to use a booster seat unless they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches tall, and you can see from this crash test, it can cause major injuries during an accident. the old law allowed children who weigh more than 65 pounds to opt out of the option, but experts say height is more important, and it is better to err on the side of caution. >> that is a minimum thing. we want children to be in a booster seat. they are not ready to come out of the booster seat until they
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are of the right height so that a sea of sets them properly. good >> experts think between 80% and 90% believe they are doing something wrong when it comes to child safety restraints. >> now your forecast. >> cool temperatures this morning. 30's in western maryland, almost freezing. 33 to start tuesday. 39 in west virginia. only 41 degrees. the eastern shore common on it was cool today. officially this morning it was 49 degrees, and that is considerably cooler than the average for the 20th day of the month. 56 was the average, and the afternoon high only made it to 70 degrees. it felt like fall out there, and
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i think it will turn around tomorrow. even tonight will not be quite as cool as the last few nights. we will bottom out in the 50's tonight, the upper 50's to near 60 in downtown baltimore. the wind coming out of the south. in the northwest d.c. whins in detroit. that is the first signs of a from that will be pushing our direction. not that far away, but it is going to take a day or so to get here, moving through the mountains tonight. southwest winds will briefly warm things up. i would not be surprised if things get close to 80 degrees tomorrow and saturday. if you are heading into the mountains, they might see showers breaking out as the front approaches. off the coast saturday night, sunday should be beautiful.
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it will be the first full day of fall on sunday. tomorrow, partly cloudy. wins out of the stock at five to cannot see. the thundershowers begin tomorrow afternoon, dropping into the 60's. onlyy's high temperatures in the 50's. eastern shores, the last couple days of summer. 80 degrees before the cool fronts saturday afternoon, and on the coast, temperatures in that 80's. dry weather saturday. at the beginning of the season, we've venture into fall. tomorrow, and 80 degrees. good affront in the afternoon with a thunderstorm. football weather is looking good. and i school monday with highs around 68th.
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-- a cool monday with highs around 68. >> sports. >> the orioles face the only thing capable of preventing them from playing and winning an extra game. a travel day with no game. they did it again last night common-law for a 15th not -- they did it again last night, for a 15th straight time purita. an 11-inning game with an oreo win. good felix hernandez, one of the best pitchers in the american league. they gave the orioles a 1- nothing lead. out of the fourth, left field, and going solo. the game tied at one of peace. it stays that way.
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good adam jones does not want to play anymore. the orioles up, 3-1, and that puts the ball in the hand of jim johnson. bottom of the 11th, stealing second. he finds ways to end games, and the orioles win it to sweep the series. oakland in she is back for the top spot in the wild card race to -- inches that for the top spot in the wild card race. the tigers had a 3-2 lead at home. three apiece off that misplaced
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and field. said smith and josh coming to score, and oakland goes against the tigers, 12-4. os even on copyright good the ravens become a long shot with only 13 -- the ravens become a long shot with only 13 games left in the season. they have to account for a couple of talented and additions to the offense. the pressure is even more important, because when tom brady gets the ball out of his hands, it is occasionally intercepted. it is trouble for the defense. the patriots brought back a wide
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receiver. the patriots look like they have more talent than a year ago. he knows a few things about preparing for the team. he served as coordinator in new england from 2006 until 2009. >> there are so many different ways they can approach this game, and they have. i have seen a lot of different ways, and i think you need to be prepared for a lot of different scenarios. there are a lot of things that can go on. there are a lot of different ways they can approach this game, and we have to be ready for all of its. >> we will have your game time and your seven-day forecast all coming up.
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>> here is a look at what we are working on. more west nile virus, thus maryland voters will have tough questions when it comes to the ballot. tough choices on one specific
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anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs.
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but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. >> here is the seven-day forecast, 80 degrees tomorrow. 80 degrees saturday, and when the front goes through in the afternoon, 71 on sunday, and 60 degrees for the high temperature monday. los 60's 4 kickoff.
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it is dramatically
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